My African Journey pt. 1

  Africa! I first started visiting Africa in 2012. I was visiting friends that live in a city called ACCRA which is in Ghana. To me it’s more like the Americanized part of Africa. Outside of Nigeria of course.  Being the kind of person I am, making friends everywhere I go. I’ve got friends in Cameroon. And guess what? They’ve invited me out to participate … Continue reading My African Journey pt. 1

Check Out My Coconuts

  WELCOME TO THE LOTUS VEGAN! In the fast growing city of North Hollywood, there lies a sweet little restaurant aimed at helping people live longer lives and eat extremely healthy from a THAI perspective. This is Lotus Vegan First off, I love this place. The employees have been here since the beginning. I’ve actually been coming to this restaurant since they were located in … Continue reading Check Out My Coconuts