My African Journey pt. 1




I first started visiting Africa in 2012. I was visiting friends that live in a city called ACCRA which is in Ghana. To me it’s more like the Americanized part of Africa. Outside of Nigeria of course.  Being the kind of person I am, making friends everywhere I go. I’ve got friends in Cameroon. And guess what? They’ve invited me out to participate in their FIRST annual Cameroon Film Festival. (aka CAMIFF).

So from France I fly to a city called DOUALA. Now if you’ve ever been to Douala you know Douala is SERIOUSLY African and they don’t mess around. Great people. They were real welcoming to me. Douala does have some of the worst traffic I’ve EVER been stuck in tho. I think it took us 4 hours to get to the hotel from the airport. Good thing there was a lot to look at that kept me occupied.


Now I did get arrested on this trip but that’s for another day.

So when you first land in Douala, I think the first thing that hits you is the heat. That good ole African sun. Then, you start to notice all the different scents. You smell the aroma of street food, a little car exhaust, maybe some wood from the many many acres of tree farms. Call me crazy but I’ve been to many different parts of Africa and I never get shots before I go. I just wait till I get there and I take what the locals take for Malaria and so forth and I’m good. Call it a risk but…oh well.

Mt. Cameroon aka Mountain of Greatness






Good Morning beautiful city of Buea!








The hotel I stayed in was named the Mountain Hotel. This hotel is cool because ALL the rooms are little villas. Like your own little condo. When I was there, there was a lot of construction going on. I guess they were making new improvements. So since then they’ve added a pool, several conference rooms and more.

The MOUNTAIN hotel


the pool
the villas

The film festival is put on by my friend Sir Gilbert Age. (@sir.age) The festival goes for about a week so my plate was full. Plus I wanted to get around to seeing my other friends that live there. Once I got acclimated to my surroundings and tried the food. I’m now ready to hit the ground running.

Media Day:

Got my Jimmy Choos out here in the dirt. What was I thinking. Oh well…I’m cute!😉





So today I started off bright and early. Off to meet the mayor. Its a female. NICE!









I normally don’t get nervous about meeting people but this woman had a PRESENCE. She also didn’t want to be on camera and no pictures. So here we are at her desk.


That’s Gilbert in the New York Shirt. lol We look scared huh? 😂 Anywho, after that I was off to the radio station. I had so much fun. I remember the DJ having A LOT of energy and talking really fast. That’s him in the red shirt.


After that we were off to do some interviews for local tv channels as well as other radio shows. The whole time I’m thinking, “ok when do we eat?”

I had to take my shoes off for this one. 😁 shoes👠👠

Ok guys, seriously, Im starving. One of the greatest things (to me) about traveling to ANY part of Africa is tasting the food. I consider myself an adventurous eater so I’ll try just about anything once. To say I ate a lot on this trip is an understatement. I ate so much I think people we’re taking me out to eat just to see if what they heard was true! This American girl can eat!!!


Now I did get a little sick and it took me out for a day but I bounced back. The thing is I love ❤️ to put hot spicy sauce on just about everything I eat. I mean not everything but close to everything. So the hot chili sauce they were giving me for whatever reason wasn’t hot to me. So I would add more than usual I guess to make my food spicy. Well little did I know that shit was burning my stomach walls up on the inside. At least that’s what the doctor told me.

I think this is when I realized I have a problem😂

I mean look at the size of my plate. And I would eat it ALL! They were serving me like I was a man or something. Now that I think about it, they probably thought I was too skinny and they felt it was their duty to fatten me up. lol Well here are some of the people I blame for this.


This trip was so much fun! I got to hang with life long friends, made new friends. I also learned a lot of new stuff that I didn’t know. Did you know RUBBER grows on trees??? I never knew that. They have fields and fields of rubber trees in Cameroon. I also learned about this current situation with people coming to Cameroon cutting down their trees and selling the lumber to other countries as French Wood or Italian Wood but it’s really from Africa. But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that they’re not replanting a new tree once they cut it down. So lumber is a BIG business there. Especially for outsiders.

So after days of hanging out in the bush and visiting local villages I’m ready to go to LIMBE! I’ve heard so much about Limbe. All the history and cool restaurants and stuff. Lets GO!

Limbe is a port city in Cameroon with a LOT of history.

Made it to LIMBE in my Chucks!👟👟

This place is beautiful BUT you’d better be careful when you put your phone up to film something or take a picture. I learned the hard way. 👮🏾👮🏾👮🏾 All I’m saying is ask who your with if its cool or not. With that said let’s go horseback riding.





YES! I hosted a #CIROC party in AFRICA! 😎😎😎 #BucketList




Okay this is fun but you know what I’m thinking…”when do we eat???” hahahahahahah!

Trust me when I tell you there was so much more to this trip. So many more pics. But we’d be here all night. So this is part 1.

As I end this part of my trip to Cameroon, I would like to leave you with this: Cameroon is beautiful. The people are amazing. The food is soooooo good. Thank you to the city of Buea for the Bone-in fish that I ate almost everyday. I can’t wait to go back to Cameroon.

If you get the chance to check out their Film Festival, you should. The film industry in Cameroon is growing rapidly. One cool fact is that the government finances most of their film projects. (CAMIFF) I think that’s cool.   (

Well its been nice chattin with ya!

Until we eat again,



Where to Next???


Had dinner w/ this cutie





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