Check Out My Coconuts




In the fast growing city of North Hollywood, there lies a sweet little restaurant aimed at helping people live longer lives and eat extremely healthy from a THAI perspective.

This is Lotus Vegan

First off, I love this place. The employees have been here since the beginning. I’ve actually been coming to this restaurant since they were located in a small little garage sized location with like 7 tables. (if that)
I’m not a vegetarian or vegan but I do indulge every now and then. When I do decide to take a dip on the vegan side this is one of my first stops. I first became aware of the Lotus Vegan thru YELP when I was trying my luck at starting a vegetarian lifestyle. I think that lasted about a month. Anyways, I thouroughly enjoyed the food and the vibe so I kept on going.
When you taste the food at LOTUS VEGAN you can tell that they really put alot of effort and love into their food. I think one of the things that make this place so great is how creative they are with their recipes. I never knew you could make soy look so much like chicken. They even do it with Shrimp!

Looks like real shrimp right???

Now you see what Im saying. For those of you who cant eat shrimp for religious reasons or allergies, HERE YA GO! I think its brilliant. I myself have a passionate relationship with seafood but this works for me when Im trying to stay away from radiation or any type of oil spills that may be in my usual seafood. lol

They have really great lunch specials as well as dinner specials. I usually come around luch time. They give a good portion of food for what you’re paying. I love spicy food and one of the good things about Lotus Vegan is they have a spice 🌶 chart. 1 to 5, 5 being the HOTTEST. I usually go between a 3 and a 4. Just depending on my mood.



See what Im saying, Nothing is what it seems. Looks like real chicken right??? NOPE. The kicker is how good it tastes. I know this is cliche but “it tastes just like chicken”.
Be sure and get here early if you are coming for dinner because this place fills up FAST! This place is super casual despite the slightly elegant lighting once the sun goes down and the soft jazz playing in the background.
As I mentioned previously this is a THAI restaurant and you can definitely feel it when you walk in the door with the decor. The Thai vibe is ALIVE in this place.
I just saw someone order the satay chicken skewers and they look GOOD! I’m like damn why didn’t I order that.
So I’m full. I really want some dessert but I just dont have any room in my stomach.  BUT, if I did have room I’d order the Mango Sticky Rice. Its really good.  For now, I think I’ll have some coffee☕️


Regular Coffee


Well that just about does it for me. I had a great time chatting with you as always. Stay tuned. I got some really cool adventures coming up soon. Always check the UPCOMING STOPS page to keep up with my next adventure.

Till We Eat Again,



Lotus Vegan




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