First off, I should let you know that I am not a VEGAN or VEGETARIAN but I do love eating at vegetarian or vegan style restaurants. Hell, I even like doing a little micro-biotic every now and then.
 I’ve been eating at the Sun Cafe for some time now. Just to let you know how long, they didn’t even have a full kitchen at that time. I think they had about 6 tables. The vibe was so eclectic and inviting it just made you want to keep coming back even if you didn’t like the food.
Fast forward to 2018, Sun Cafe has now moved into a much larger location with not just one but 3 patios, a separate section for take out, valet parking (sometimes), a bar! YES, a BAR!
The BAR at SUN Cafe
Watching this place grow has been such a joy to me. Like watching your kid get on the bus to school for the first time. lol just kidding. I don’t even have kids but you know what I mean. Oh and there’s a kitchen, a BIG one!
So if you’ve ever considered trying VEGAN style eating and you’re in the Los Angeles area. This is definitely a GREAT place to start. Actually this place will set the bar EXTREMELY high so maybe you might want to start somewhere else first and then go to Sun Cafe.
Also so you know ahead of time, parking can be a bit of a buzz kill they only have about 8 parking spaces but there’s plenty of spots on the street (Ventura Blvd) but that can be a little crowded at times. If I’m being honest, most of the time its a bit of a headache. But believe me its worth it.
when I first discovered this jewel of a restaurant I was hooked on going after the gym. The food here is so light and healthy no matter what you order. Afterwards, you just don’t seem to have that feeling of being really full and heavy. One of the first items I ever ordered was the LETTUCE LEAF TACOS! My FAV! I order these every time. Even now. It definitely helped ween me off of my Taco Bell addiction. I even went home and tried to duplicate the recipe. Personally I think I came pretty close, but no cigar.😩 They give you 4 tacos and even though there’s no shell, it’s definitely enough.
Instead of using ground beef, they use a soy chorizo style meat. You really can’t tell the difference. And who doesn’t like avocado! I think one of the reasons I’ve continue to order these tacos over and over again is because they are so consistent. You know exactly  what they are going to taste like, and I love that!
Another popular item that they have at the Sun Cafe is their smoothies or shakes. OMG! They have a smoothie that actually won an award! Its their Sweet Kale Shake. When I say this shake is AMAZING, its AMAZING! and they give you ALOT! Now, I have a NEW fav. It’s the Cacao Superfood Shake! I have to be honest, after drinking one of these you will be pretty full. So order it accordingly. There’s so much good stuff in their shakes it might be all you need.
Doesn’t that look AMAZING????
Last but not least, its time for me to introduce you to my next favorite item at Sun Cafe. Don’t get me wrong, there’s quite a bit of dishes at Sun Cafe that I thoroughly enjoy but this next one will probably end up being one of your favorites as well. Now, if you are new to the vegan way of eating I think this next dish will DEFINITELY interest you.
If you love nachos then this is for you! The great thing about the nachos at Sun Cafe is that they include all the best toppings that everyone loves on their nachos. The catch is, nothing is what it seems. lol The meat, isn’t real meat. The Cheese, isn’t real cheese. The chips, aren’t even real chips. Yes. You heard me right. They actually make chips out of Jicama. Yes and they are good. I don’t know who came up with this but Thank GOD  they did. You wouldn’t think jicama in nachos but trust me, its works. They do still have the option of organic tortilla chips or you can get both if you arent sure. Thats what I do!
Before I go I have to be honest and let you know that all this goodness at the Sun Cafe is NOT cheap. Now when I first started eating at the Sun Cafe one of the things that I loved so much was how inexpensive the food was. Before trying vegan style cuisine I was always told how EXPENSIVE it is. So when I found the Sun Cafe and the prices were so reasonable especially for the amount of food you get I was like “YES”! But NOW, that the Sun Cafe is the size of your typical Red Lobster…things have changed. But its all good. More space, More staff means higher prices. It’s not a drastic jump but its a little different from before. Now, don’t let this detour you from experiencing all this goodness just know if your plan on taking someone here on a date, let them know there better a HAPPY ENDING!
So Comfy and Cozy
I really hope you get the opportunity to stop by the Sun Cafe. It’ll change your life!

Try the outdoor patio next to the fire pit. Its romantic!

Service Dog Friendly
 Until We Eat Again!

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