One Night In Paris


What do you do when you miss your flight at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France?

Well for me, its panic. Let me just tell you, this airport is HUGE and if you ever have a connecting flight thru this airport,(CDG) be sure and schedule enough time to get to your next gate. Also, know that this airport has a pretty extensive train and shuttle system. Meaning, you are going to need plenty of time to figure it all out. Once you figure it all out you are going to need time to settle down and have a coffee or glass of wine.🍷 The good thing is there are plenty of bakeries, coffee stops, Sandwich shops, French macaroon options, and bars. You should also know that the Starbucks here in this airport, like in all of France, is no ordinary Starbucks. They offer like real entrees of really good food.

So now that I’ve called everyone I know in Paris to help me figure out a plan. (Including some of my friends in government) I am now being picked up in a sleek black Mercedes with blacked out windows and a police escort. GOD I love my life!😁😁😁 After a long ride thru the city, past all the touristy monuments and sights. OH, and a quick stop by one of the African embassy’s to say hello to a friend. I am now headed to my hotel. Which  hotel? Not sure. At this point I’m not asking any questions.

In the car, is me and 2 really nice government aides who work for my friend who I called to help me out. So we pull up, to what appears to be a VERY nice hotel with VERY attentive employees. “May I take your luggage Madame?”, “May I take your bags Madame?”, “May I offer you some water Madame?” I’m like wow! I can get use to this. lol So once inside, I now know the name of the hotel I’m staying in…hotel Le FOUQUET’S. Are you friggin kidding me???? I’ve heard about this place thru movies and television. Wait!  That means that this hotel has the LEGENDARY  restaurant “Le Fouquets”. OMG, Im gagging right now.



At this moment I’m really happy I missed my flight! 😁So after traveling thru this maze of pure splendor and decor, I’m opening the door to my room. Oh I mean my temporary palace. There’s classical music playing, chocolate on the bed. slippers by the door. The lighting is set in such a way I feel like I’m in an RnB music video or something. This room is OUTSTANDING! Floor to ceiling windows, beautiful drapes.


I mean, WOW! So now I get a call that its time to eat. Hmmmm, I wonder where they are taking me.


I’m thinking we are getting in a car and heading into the city or something. NOPE. We head downstairs of the hotel to no other than Le Fouquets. I have died and gone to heaven. The 2 staffers escort me to the maitre d as he walks up pass everyone in the restaurant to what I’m told is known as the BEST table in the restaurant. I am feeling SO VIP right now.  This can’t be happening. But it is. I mean, I was just at the airport in a total panic not knowing what I was gonna do and where I was going to stay and here I am having dinner at Le Fouquets with total strangers. I love my life!


WAiT. It gets better. So after trying to order off of a menu that I barely understand. The server asks what would we like to drink. Outside of the glass of champagne they’ve already given me as soon as I sat down. ( I told you I’m in Heaven) So, I’m with my 2 new friends and one of them says something to the server in French and what do you know, moments later 2 people show up with this bottle of wine that I’ve never seen before. Chateau Phelan Segur. This is the Maitre d’ and his female wine server. This place is no joke.


After a great meal in a great restaurant with some great people. Its time to unwind. And how do you do this??? Take a trip to the indoor pool with a little massage on the side. Oh Yeah! The indoor pool in this hotel is like nothing you’ve ever seen in a hotel. Man, they did it right. Indoor waterfalls, separation decor walls in the pool, a jacuzzi here, a jacuzzi there. Just amazing.



Now that I am totally relaxed and still trying to comprehend the fact that I should be on a plane on my way to Africa, and I’m in Paris staying in a 5 star hotel having the time of my life! I think it’s really time to just go to my room and chill. Which is just another way to make me smile because I get to walk back thru this amazing hotel.

So, after a few hours of some much-needed R&R. Now WHAT? I guess there’s nothing left to do but call one of good buddies who happens to be French and live in Paris. You may know him. Mr. Oliver Martinez.

  • Me: “Hey Oliver, you in town?”
  • O: “Yes, you here?”
  • Me: “Yea, Im only here for 1 night. whatchu doin?”
  • O: “Nothing. Ill come pick you up”
  • Me: “Ok cool. What time?”
  • O: “Like in 2 hours”
  • Me: “Ok, I’ll text you the address”
  • O: “Ok bye!”
  • Me: “bye!”

This is where the night turns into a movie. (At least in my mind) So now its night, in Paris. And I am riding thru the streets of Paris on the back of my friends motorcycle driving by all the popular landmarks, churches and all the MUST-SEE attractions when you come to Paris. We’re going over bridges, thru tunnels, this is so cool. After letting me hop off and take several pictures and several stops. Now were off to some well-known Italian restaurant for a late dinner.

Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris

Even though it was FREEZING cold, I had to jump off and take this picture. I love having friends all over the world. It just about guarantees you an adventure everywhere you go. Speaking of adventure, this one is just about to come to an end but not before a little late night dinner. Remember the italian restaurant I told you about earlier? Well we finally made it there and it was definitely worth the wait. The food was soooo good. I wish I had some photos for you guys.

After some good laughs and some good eating. Its back to the hotel for me. With a 7am flight and not having packed yet, Im hightailing my ass back to PARADISE.

Thanks O!

You know, I really believe sometimes that I must really be doing something right in my life because the AMAZINGNESS that happens to me is so unreal. I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve it. But I am THANKFUL. I am also extremely glad that I can share these experiences with you. ❤️


Time to go! Till we meet again Paris. Its been WONDERFUL


au revoir!













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