Chef KD


Hey Guys,

OK, so as much as I love to take photos of food, I actually love to cook too. Then take photos of the food I cooked. Yes, I’m a little weird but whatever. Ive always had a desire to attend some form of cooking school or take romantic cooking classes because in my mind…Im a CHEF. Like Michelin Star Chef.

The food I cook, in my mind, is AMAZING. It’s so flavorful and pretty. I like to say my food is very photogenic. No one really taught me how to cook, per say. I think it just comes  from a few things like instinct, having a great pallet, and having experienced a LOT of different foods, spices and seasonings. Oh, and having friends that are some of the top chefs in the world. Hey Chef Barry!👇🏽



So today I decided to whip up a little something from my INDIAN FOOD collection w/ a dash of GREEK greatness. Yea, I told you guys…CHEF! lol


THIS is my North Indian Chana Masala on a bed of Calrose Rice. I recently just started using this rice. I grabbed a bag last time I was at the Armenian Market. I REALLY like it. The flavor is very unique and it just (like Nigerian food) makes me want to grab a handful and make it into a ball and eat it.

My masala has the basic ingredients: Chickpeas, white onions, coriander seeds, ginger. You know, everything in your seasoning and spice rack. lol  I remember the first time I had Chana Masala. I think I was at an Indian restaurant in Los Angeles on Ventura Blvd. (Studio City) I don’t think normally put it over rice but I think it tastes really good that way.  Plus, I make it pretty spicy so in MY MIND,the rice definitely calms the heat. Yummmmm!

Now, lets talk about this CLASSIC greek pie I made. Normally I fill this with ground beef and sometimes extra cheese inside but this time I just went the the dough and chesses. I like to cook this and leave it on a platter or something in the kitchen. Then as the day goes on I just walk by, cut me a little piece, eat it. Then walk away. Walk back by, cut me little piece. Eat it. Then walk away. Its just a fun little routine that happens when I make this. Like, EVERYtime.


OMG! if that doesn’t look like “HEAVEN” or whatever you call your “HAPPY PLACE”😊 I find that everyone has their own preference when it comes to how long you like to leave things in the oven. 25 minutes was long enough for me with this baby. You may not like yours this cooked or hell maybe this isn’t cooked enough. But thats the JOY of cooking. DO IT YOUR WAY BABY!


OK, so now I’m hungry…again.

Its been so good sharing my creations with you. Its a new space for me, letting the world into my kitchen and seeing my food. Im totally leaving my cuisine open for criticism but…Oh Well! 😊

A famous Chef once said, “If it looks like hamster vomit but tastes good…who cares!” ok so actually, thats my quote but I told you guys…Im a CHEF!


-Chef KD






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