So if you don’t know already, which I honestly don’t expect you to.  Im a lover of Red Wine. I mean, I love wine in general but recently I’ve found a NEW love for…BORDEAUX. Oh my god, its like a new relationship or something. (I hope I don’t get my heart broken) 🍷🍷🍷



During a late night Trader Joe’s run, I heard a voice say “GET SOME WINE”. So I couldn’t ignore this powerful message. So I did! I got some wine.  Then, as my eyes are traveling across bottles and bottles of wine I STOP at bottle of Bordeaux. I first noticed the label. The artwork is sooooo cool and detailed, and who doesn’t love a bottle of wine with a bunch of words you can’t pronounce. ❤️ Then I was like WOW its from Les Portes de Bordeaux. Must be a WINNER.  I’ll grab a couple. OK, a couple more then Im out the door. Not before paying of course. lol


You guys this Bordeaux is so smooth and sweet. I love when a wine can just melt on your tongue. The color is extremely rich. You just feel so classy drinking it. Even though I put on some sweats, green socks, a Rolling Stones tshirt and headed over to my girl MELODY’s house to drink it with me. We were 2 semi classy chicks is some really bummy clothes drinking some really good wine.😂😂😂



Before I go, I  have to let you know that this particular bottle of Bordeaux was entered into the GILBERT & GAILLARD International Competition in 2017. I also must let you know that after a glass or 2, your LAUGH is subject to get increasingly LOUDER.

Annnnnd, YOU can get a case of your own for only $179! NICE!  Well, thats on http://www.wineonline.com



Well party people, its been great chattin with ya! Hope you give this wine a try. I found it at Trader Joe’s http://www.traderjoes.com, but Im sure you can find it in many other stores. ENJOY!!!




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